Zen Shiatsu - VitalPause31

Individual Shiatsu sessions
in Muret, 20km south of Toulouse, France
Shiatsu, based on Traditionnal Chinese medicine,
is an efficient and very natural way
to maintain your health

According to WHO, the World Health Organisation :

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy.

Deep and gentle techniques allow the body's energy currents,
known as acupuncture meridians, to keep or restore their

You'll receive Shiatsu fully clothed on a futon.

The Shiatsu treatment covers the whole body,
providing a complete relaxation experience,
while focusing precisely on the receiver's current treatment needs.


 Workshops :

Qi self-massage (Do-In), Acu-stretch (Makkho-Ho)

Stress management (natural breathing, relaxation)

Individual support during transitional phases

and support in achieving your goals,

such as changes in lifestyle and general health improvement.

Zen-Shiatsu Practitionner
Since 1992

Registered with  AUTONOMIA,
Billing Agency for professionals
of alternatives medicines  and well-being
SIRET 515 200 657 000 10

FFST member
Since 2005

 31600 Muret

06 31 56 09 34



Zen-Shiatsu is practiced in line with 
the FFSt  code of ethics.

The sessions are neither medical or paramedical
and are not a substitute for a visit
to your doctor or physiotherapist.

A person's physical and moral integrity
are wholly respected and
the sessions have no sexual or erotic nature.